Additional Equipment

Our well illuminated “stand-alone” manned air blasting systems or integrated linear “touch up and blow-off booths” are custom engineered to meet the Customer’s needs.  Conveyor systems range from fork truck loading, work car or overhead mono-rail.  Full or partial recovery floors are available.  Blastec’s standard recovery system components are an integral part of our cross draft blast booths.

Blastec® offers a complete line of Blastec® designed components to upgrade your existing shot blast machine(s) to Blastec® quality standards.

Components are manufactured to outlast and outperform the components they replace.

BLASTEC® provides superior replacement parts for all types of blast machines. Our OEM equipment parts are designed and manufactured to resist wear and minimize maintenance labor and cost. For over 35 years and thousands of trials conducted by some of the largest and most demanding descaling applications in the steel industry, BLASTEC® high quality replacement parts are proven to perform under the harshest abrasive conditions.

Blastec cartridge dust collectors use perforated filter cartridges that contain a pleated, nonwoven filtering media, as opposed to woven bags used in bag houses. The pleated design allows for a greater total filtering surface area than in a conventional filter of the same diameter. The greater filtering area results in a reduced air to media ratio, pressure drop, and overall collector size.

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