Rail Car Descaling Machines

The BLASTEC® Rail descaling system features Blastec SmartBlast® Control for maximum blast cleaning efficiency providing a consistent surface profile. In addition to general overall blast cleaning, our control system provides the ability to automatically concentrate the blast pattern on specific “hard to clean” areas, providing the required degree of cleaning without over-blasting other areas. The Blastec SmartBlast® Descaling System decreased cycle times by 50% as compared to other equipment in the market.

 • Multiple blast formulas tailored to each rail car: hopper, gondola, box cars, etc.
 • Heavy duty variable speed car towing system
 • Continuous abrasive reclamation system,
 • Double abrasive storage hopper design
 • Entrance and exit vestibules,
 • Abrasive touch up booth
 • Blow-off enclosure and dust collection system.

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Rail Car Before Rail Car After

Simplicity of operation, performance, maintenance, and equipment construction. Proven SmartBlast® Descaling Systems designed to meet your specific requirements durability, cleaning, material handling, speed, floor space and maintenance considerations.

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Increase in Production
Over 50% Increase In Production with Improved Cleaning!
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Rail Car Descaling Equipment Rail Car Descaling Equipment

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