Shot Blast Equipment Rebuilds

Blastec® offers a complete line of Blastec® designed components to upgrade your existing shot blast machine(s) to Blastec® quality standards.

Components are manufactured to outlast and outperform the components they replace.

Blastec® Wheels

Brush Assemblies

Elevator Belt Assemblies

Roller Conveyors

Material Transfer Systems

Elevator Components

Rotary Screens

Air Wash Separators

Blow-Off Systems/Brushes

Dust Collectors

PLC Automated Controls

Electrical Control Panels


  • Blastec® Original Direct Drive Shot Blast Wheels
  • Blastec® High Efficiency Air Wash Separators
  • Blastec® Scalping Drums/ Rotary Screens (AR Upgrade)
  • Blastec® Abrasive Transfer Conveyors and Drives
  • Blastec® Elevators and Drives
  • Blastec® Shot Gates / Abrasive Gates / Magnavalves
  • Blastec® Abrasive Replenishers
  • Blastec® Roller Conveyors
  • Blastec® Blow Off Sytems / Brushes
  • Blastec® Work Car / Material Transfer Systems
  • Blastec® Austenitic 11-14% Manganese & Steel Fabrications
  • Blastec® Electrical Control Panels, PLC’s, Automatic Program Controls
  • Blastec® Dust Collectors

These components can be applied to upgrade and rebuild all blast machines. An investment in BLASTEC’s replacement equipment, as an alternative to a new purchase, can improve performance results and production efficiencies for fraction of the cost.We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. For price and delivery information, phone: 1-800-241-3016 or email:

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