Structural Descaling Machines

Blastec® manufactures all types of descaling systems for the structural steel industry at the fastest line speeds available. Whether your application is angles, channels and other miscellaneous structural steel or massive bridge girders towering at sixteen feet, Blastec® can manufacture a system that is right for you. We also offer SmartBlast®, a Blastec® first, combining oscillating wheel panels with Programmable Logic Control to give unparalleled cleaning for complex weldments. Roller conveyors, work car/drag chain and overhead conveyor systems are available.

Blastec® also retrofits other manufacturer’s structural descaling machines to:
• Increase line speeds
• Improve performance
• Decrease energy consumption
• Decrease maintenance costs

Roller Conveyor Structural Machine

Large Weldments

Bridge Girders & Beams

Overhead Conveyor Structural Machine

Structural Machines – replacement Before

Structural Machines – replacement After

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