Wind Tower Descaling Machines

windtower1Blastec’s® Wind Tower O.D. blast machine provides a high quality, uniform surface profile while removing scale and rust from large carbon steel tower sections. A combination of Smart Blast® control technology and surrounding the tower section with Blastec® Wheel technology results in a consistent anchor profile for today’s modern coatings. This system will dramatically reduce your blast production time and improve the quality of your towers’ surface consistency prior to finishing.

Standard machine is capable of through put speeds of up to 12 feet per minute.
• Clean a 100 ft. tower section in less than 10 minutes.
• Blast base sections, middle sections and top sections
14’.0” diameter and larger.
• Save an estimated 12 man hours per section verses
traditional air blasting.

Our work transport system utilizes a heavy duty drag chain conveyor system with variable speed drive controls. The work transport system operates in both directions. The system also includes a continuous abrasive reclamation system.

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Blastec® Plate Shot Blast System for pre-blast cleaning of wind tower steel plate prior to canning and assembly.


O.D Blast Machine

Descaled Tower

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