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BLASTEC® manufacturer of the original 1760 RPM blast wheel which led to the manufacturing of the world’s most efficient shot blast machines.

BLASTEC® manufactures high-quality, custom-designed shot blast machines, leading the industry in solid welded, 11%-14% manganese steel blast fabrication.

BLASTEC® is the industry leader in field customizing, upgrading and retrofitting all brands of older shot blast machines to the latest blast cleaning equipment.

BLASTEC® manufactures the world’s most efficient shot blast wheel, guaranteed to increase production rates when retrofitting to your existing machinery.

BLASTEC® offers Blastec parts, replacement parts for the rebuilding of your shot blasting machines and equipment.

BLASTEC® is the only manufacturer that guarantees to ship replacement parts for any Blastec Wheel® within 24 HOURS, or we pay the freight.