About Us

“Simply the BEST since 1976!”

aboutusSince 1976, Blastec® blast wheels have delivered superior performance on airless shot blast machines throughout the world. Our blast cleaning components have proven effective in virtually all types of applications, ranging from common rebar and wrought iron furniture to massive bridge girders, heavy construction equipment, and applications for the department of defense (including battle tanks and nuclear submarine components).

The Blastec® wheel has established a distinguished reputation for exceeding customer blast cleaning requirements by combining highest performance with lowest operating costs. At Blastec®, we understand that while it may be the machine that performs the work, it’s our people that make the difference before and after the sale. The collective knowledge of our sales, engineering, and service staff enables us to provide cleaning systems to fit the application as opposed to “pre-canned” machines that do not totally fit the needs of the customer. Our dedicated fabrication team then assembles that machine with a critical eye toward quality. Finally, our skilled service technicians insure smooth installation, start-up, and ongoing service after the sale. Combined, it adds up to attention to detail you won’t experience elsewhere.