Dust Collector Systems

Blastec ® Dust Collector Systems


• Wheel Blast • Blast Rooms
• Abrasive Blasting • Peening
• Weld Fumes • Sandblasting
• Air Blast

GS60 Dust Collector

Blastec cartridge dust collectors use perforated filter cartridges that contain a pleated, nonwoven filtering media, as opposed to woven bags used in bag houses. The pleated design allows for a greater total filtering surface area than in a conventional filter of the same diameter. The greater filtering area results in a reduced air to media ratio, pressure drop, and overall collector size.

Pulse Control for Cartridge Cleaning

Our cartridge collectors are continuous duty designs where the cartridges are cleaned by pulse-jet cleaning system.  Cartridge cleaning is controlled by a state-of-the-art control system with built-in, easy to use Programmable Controller, housed in a NEMA 4/4X enclosure.
Dust Collection SystemDust Collector Overview:

  • Modular design for flexibility, each module accommodates up to 5,000 cfm
  • Heavy duty construction, 7g and 10g steel
  • Powder coat paint inside and outside for durable resistance to corrosion
  • Vertical cartridge design for efficient pulsing of dust and efficient cleaning
  • Easy access door with no knobs to lose or drop, no threads to bind, mechanically attached seal, heavy 10 gauge construction
  • Automatic timer control filter cleaning
  • Energy efficient premium fan motor
  • Complete set of high performance filter cartridges
  • Drum cover kit

Dust Collector Filter Cartridges:

  • filter pleats325 Sq Ft of filter area (Media Area – 180 degrees F Max). Uniform pleat spacing with synthetic beads that hold the pleats of the filter cartridge wide open 99.99% on 0.5 µm and larger particles. Inner cone provides uniform dispersion of back-pulsed air and opens up more usable space for airflow in the dust collector.
  • Open pleat spacing improving cleaning efficiency with lower pressure drop (Delta P)
  • All cartridges can be replaced easily from outside the dust collector using a cam lock cartridge retainer design
  • Flame Retardant cartridge available
  • Reinforced cage support cartridges available for high temp heavy duty applications
  • Integrated Safety Monitoring Filter for indoor applications
  • Other high efficiency filter medias available

Dust Collector Additional Options:

• Explosion Vents
• Sprinkler System Chemical
• Suppression System
• Spark Arrestor
• Platforms
• View Ports
• Safety Monitoring Filter
• Rotary Air Lock
• Silencers
dust collector installation
Cartridges easily removed from
outside the dust collector
Vertical cartridge design

Modular Design

Easy Installation
GS4 Dust Collector
GS4 Dust Collector
GS16Dust Collectors
GS16 Dust Collector
GS24 Dust Collector
GS24 Dust Collector
GS48 Dust Collector
GS48 Dust Collector

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